Firefox for Maemo RC2

The second release candidate of Firefox for Maemo is now available.   Based on feedback we’ve received so far, we’ve been able to track down a major performance issue that was affecting the N900 and resolve the problem.  We’ve also updated to the latest version of our layout engine, Gecko 1.9.2 RC1, which is the same version that the soon-to-be-released Firefox 3.6 RC1 uses.

If you’ve already got RC1 installed on your N900 or N810, you will be receiving a software update shortly.  Otherwise, if you’re viewing this on your device, you can install it from here.

Your feedback really makes a difference, so please let us know what you think.  Leave comments here or file bugs.

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5 Comments on “Firefox for Maemo RC2”

  1. alex_mayorga Says:

    Is Fennec also meant to run on a N800 with diablo?
    I have been testing the nightly builds on my table and they work OK most times but some days are very “crashy”.

  2. Tungdo Says:

    Please try to work on firefox for more phone models to pass Opera. I’m sure that Mozilla will go further and further.

  3. David Österberg Says:

    Excellent, I just tried it and it is indeed very much faster than before. At the rate things are going Firefox will soon catch up with MicroB as the number one browser on Maemo.

  4. Stéphane Says:

    Good work guys !
    I’ve tested it and it’s indeed faster than the RC1.
    However, the navigation remains slower than with MicroB.
    Things to improve :
    – The start time (is it possible to use a “caching” daemon like MicroB ?).
    – The global responsiveness.
    – The scrolling smoothness.
    – Add the same gesture zoom feature than MicroB has.

    And then you will have a perfect alternative browser ;)

  5. jeff Says:

    Why does the repo say “chinook”?

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